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Insights On College From Helen Keller

Faith Walking Through High School

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Are "Dual Enrollment" and "Running Start" Really Homeschool Options?

Encouraging Letter To A Reluctant Homeschooling Teen From Sharnessa

called the SHF-L (Senior High Form+U+la List) - It's free, and it's for parents interested in homeschooling through high school in the manner I suggest in Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la.  This is not really a particular "manner"  -  just doing it with all the freedom God intended you to have!
"Form+U+la Reflections" -  Also free, this is a continuation of the message presented in Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la.  More ideas, inspiration, Q's and A's, excerpts, etc.  (If you are on the SHF-L list, you are already receiving this.)
This link will take you right to my Article Chart here at this website.  Scroll seven headings down to get to the High School Section where you'll find articles on a variety of helpful topics for Homeschooling through High School, including a letter from Sharnessa to a teen who did not want to homeschool!
Here you'll find lots of help for finding something that will be a "right fit" for this intimidating subject of Lab Science:  links, books, and insight to help you make the right decision - not for someone else, but for you and your student.  Lab Science is not an excuse to not homeschool through high school!  In fact, it can be some of the most fun you'll have!  (This is also linked from the Main Lobby.) 
For a variety of resources including helps for the parent and wonderful resources for the student to use for homeschooling through high school, for both parents and students, please see the "Senior / Junior High School" section of our catalog here at our website!  We used many of these ourselves.  
SENIOR HIGH: A HOME-DESIGNED FORM+U+LA: (It gets its own chart!)
Table of Contents
Form Index

Comments and Reviews by Readers

New Vs. Old Form+U+la

Article Excerpts from Form+U+la

A Personal Guided Tour Through the Highlights of Form+U+la

Learning Guide: "Identifying Prepositional Phrases"
This is in/from Form+U+la and gives you a good example of how I glean some learning - in this case in English Grammar - from what I have on hand; in this case, the Bible!  If you use this page with your student, you'll want to print it out and cut off the answers OR cut and paste just the top portion for the student to use.
Assignment Check-off Sheet for "Typing"
My requirements for our "Typing" class. (Form+U+la)
Skills Check-off Sheet 
A "Task Analysis Sheet" in Form+U+la. For a "Home Maintenance & Repair" unit of Home Ec.
Book Synopsis Form
This form (from Form+U+la)  is what I created to be used in conjunction with the Great American Bathroom Books - also called Compact Classics - for a Literature class. These books are an excellent intro to hundreds of great literary works!  (See Resources for Sr./Jr. High, 1/4 of the way down the page.)
City Council Meeting Report Form
This form is from the "Government" section of  my Washington State History & Government: The Search-it-out Route, it's not in Sr. High Form+U+la. This form can be used to take notes at a City Council meeting. (This book is the very last item on the  Resources for Sr./Jr. High page.)
These are of our two oldest children, Sharnessa and Tory.  The two graduations were completely different, so be sure to read both stories!  There are pictures too!  
Tory's Graduation (in 1998)

Sharnessa's Graduation (in 1996)