Texas Home Educators 

Homeschool Stores in Texas

These are homeschool store "sightings" from homeschoolers in the area.  If you know of a homeschool book store that should be listed, please contact us.

Mardel's is a Christian book and music store, but they also have an extensive homeschool section and some of it is secular. They carry Bob Jones, Saxon, Easy Grammar, Spelling Power, Explode the Code, Modern Curriculum Press, Spectrum Math, Spectrum Phonics, Key to ..., etc. They are closed on Sundays. ~AngieW

Diamond School Supply is between Ave K and I-75 on Plano Pkwy. They have some curriculum, like Modern Curriculum Press, but mainly they have educational games and manipulatives.  ~AngieW

Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Lakeshore Learning Center is somewhere in Dallas, but I don't remember where. That's where I got my classroom table. It's not worth the drive unless you're in the area. The only thing they have that no one else does is classroom furniture. It is really nice to be able to buy a table with adjustable height legs. ~AngieW


There's a teacher store in McKinney in the same shopping center as McDonalds at I-75 and Virginia/Lousianna but back at the very back. They hardly have anything. You can get bulletin board supplies there, but not much else. ~AngieW


Recycled Books and Records is on the square in Denton. Take cash only and expect that you'll spend every dime and wish that you had brought more. Credit cards and check books are far too dangerous to take in. You'd end up emptying your bank account entirely or charging all the way up to your credit limit. They have an extensive children's section downstairs and a ton of homeschool materials too. The selection changes all the time because it is a used book store. ~AngieW

In His Steps is in Denton too. I've never been there so I'm not sure exactly where they are located, but they have just about everything. They are at all the local bookfairs. I know you can call to set up an appointment with them. I think their regular store hours are just on Wednesday afternoon. They run the business out of their home. ~AngieW


Creative Arts in Action is a great blend of a coffee shop, a place for kids to take co-op classes and a wonderful homeschool book store.  Rosie and Steve Watson came up with a wonderful nook in NW Ft. Worth for homeschoolers to congregate and learn.  They will order what you need if they don't have it.


The Home School Store
A growing family (they just had twins) and a growing store in Houston, they now offer online ordering. They have a great stock of used and  new items.

Home Education Partnership: The mission of the HEP Bookstore, L. L. C. is to assist families in the parent directed education of their children. Our purpose is to provide our clients with the highest quality instructional materials, programs, and services available for the enhanced development of the home-educated student.


The Scroll - Homeschool books, classes on how to homeschool. and other community events all at The Scroll.


Compass Christian Lifestyle-
The Learning Center- A gentle place to begin homeschooling with your younger children.